Sustainable packaging

Packaging plays a fundamental role for every manufacturing company, containing and protecting products from their birth to final use.

The first YKK guidelines for packaging design date back to 1994 with the signing of the Environmental Protection Charter, aimed at confirming the Group’s commitment to conducting its business in full respect of the ecosystem.

Since then, YKK has developed and constantly updated the principles of sustainable packaging, aligning them with technical and technological innovations, knowledge and market trends.

Our strategies for the optimization of packaging aim to reduce the quantity, use materials from renewable and recycled resources, use options and promote recycling solutions.

Furthermore, with a view to transparency and loyalty that has always accompanied all the Group’s initiatives, YKK is committed to informing its customers about the composition of the packaging that accompanies the products received.

For this reason, QR codes or URLs can be found on each packaging that refer to the environmental data sheet of the packaging itself or, at a minimum, an indication of the composition according to Community guidelines.





Corrugated board boxes

Our boxes are reused, it contributes to reducing the environmental impact by avoiding the extraction of paper pulp from trees and reducing the CO2 equivalent emissions during the production process.


Transparant bags

Thanks to the use of at least 80% post-consumer recycled materials, our bags contribute to reduce its environmental impact avoiding the production of fossil-based virgin polyethylene.

GWP (Global Warming Potential) for LDPE is 1.87 kg CO2 equivalent each kg of produced polymer (, not to mention drawbacks related to landfill or incineretion of waste.

A correct management of this packaging at its life end will further help to mitigate its impact on the environment.