METS TRADE 2016, YKK is present!

Depending on how you look at it ....


When looking at the image below We are sure shore it is bringing many thougts through your head:

Holidays, enjoy fresh air, speed, silence, strength .... The list is endless!



At YKK, we also think so but above all we see "Fastening Solutions"!


In every branch of sports, our products can be found. Some examples:


• The cushions are well fixed with the adhesive press-stud SNAD

• The foresail cover closes on a firm coil- or Vislonzipper from YKK

• Waterproof sailing gear includes a Aquaseal air and watertight zippers

• Double-sided hook and loop tape is used simple for tying up loose ends

• Stainless steel press fasteners open and shut under all circumstances

• The plastic buckles in a dinghy are sturdy and reliable


 As we say: “Little Parts, Big Difference!”





On November (15, 16 and 17) YKK is again present at the world's largest event for the maritime industry "METS Trade 2016"


We are on the permanent place in Hall 3, stand number 340.


Arrange your free ticket by sending a request to . We will send you the code to achieve your free ticket!


We will meet you at our booth! As you know these days are busy days, if you prefer to make an appointment in advance mail me at:



See you at METS TRADE 2016



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