50 years YKK Nederland and the YKK EMEA group


SNEEK – July 3, 2014


50 years ago…

In 1964 Mr Tadao Yoshida, building a worldwide network of factories for the production of zippers, decided to establish the first plant in EMEA to serve the European market. The establishment in Sneek (the Netherlands) was to herald a new, next step in the 400 years of trade relations between Japan and the Netherlands. Starting from Sneek, in the years after 1964, a YKK network of 38 countries spread across EMEA was set up. Today, YKK Nederland is proud to be a member of the YKK EMEA group and having contributed to the further development of the economic and cultural relations between Japan and the Netherlands.


At the 1th of July the first guests arrived in the Netherlands to join the 50 years celebration event at the 3rd of July. Among customers also a lot of YKK colleagues from all over the world visit and celebrate the anniversary of YKK EMEA Group and YKK Nederland BV. After a strategy meeting on the 2nd of July, the festivities on the 3rd of July started.


In the morning there was a private celebration held at location of YKK Nederland BV. The guests arrived by a shuttle train and were warmly welcomed by the YKK Nederland staff. While entering the building there were all kind of historical pictures of YKK which brought memories. 


After a cup of coffee and a word of welcome by Thomas Mulder, MD of YKK Nederland, Jan Huisman gave a presentation about the 50 years of history of YKK Nederland and the YKK EMEA group. After the presentation the guest were shown around the factory. After the factory tour speeches were done by Mr. Yoneshima, Mr. Paul Byrne, Mr. Beintema (first local employee), Mr. Suzuki (former MD of YKK NL from 1978 – 1990 and involved in the start at 1964).and Mr. Nishizaki (former Vice Chairman of YKK Corporation and the 1st MD of YKK NL from 1964-1969).

The weather was great and the programme continued outside, were there was a tree planting ceremony. After the tree planting and the tradition group photo the guest could enjoy lunch outside.


In the afternoon there was a formal event at Hotel Sneek with external guests. Speaches were held by Thomas Mulder, MD of YKK Nederland, Hayo Apotheker, mayor of Súdwest-Fryslân. Masayuki Sarumaru, President of YKK Corporation, Masaru Tsuji, Japanese Ambassador to the Netherlands, Nobuyuki Nakaya, deputy mayor of Kurobe and Maarten Camps, secretary general of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. After the coffeebreak Rien Segers, Professor of Asian Business Strategies at Hanze University in Groningen gave a lecture. The closing comment was by Nobuo Igarashi, director of YKK EMEA.


The day ended with a special dinner at Epema State (country estate), with external guests in attendance. Each guest received some handouts during the day, which created a gift box by the end of the day.


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